Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I forgot to post my weight on Monday...oops!  I have been down for two weeks (before this week) because of my leg, and not feeling well, so I didn't work out pretty much at all for two weeks, and I didn't eat the best last week (depression snuck up on me again).  But this week I started off on the right foot.  I went and hit tennis balls with the ball machine for a total of 30 minutes (I took out the break time, reloading the machine time). That was a fun workout! I had it on random, so I was all over the court.  I took Joel with me too, and he hit some balls, so that was fun. 
Tues and Wed I did Zumba class for an hour, then I went right over to the hill and hiked that both days for 30 mins each.  My eating has been alright...not perfect, but better than it had been the week before.  I have a very hard time with eating, so I am really trying to make better decisions and eat more fruit and veggies and more water. It's a journey and a although I want to loose "x" amount of weight before the graduation, this is also me getting healthy, and active and making better choices all around. So, it will take time and I have to be patient with myself.

My weight on Monday: +1 lb.
And being that it is the end of the are my measurements that I just got done taking:
Waist: -2.25"
Hips: -.75"
Bust: -1.25"
Arms: -.25"
Thigh: -.50"

Total Lost: -5 inches!  YAY!!!

That is so exciting!  I had a gal in Zumba today (whom I don't know, but have seen her in my classes) come up to me and tell me that I am doing a great job and that it is noticeable how much I have lost.  How awesome is that?!?  That just made my day! :)

I started taking 7-Keto 100mg twice a day to help me burn more fat from my mid section. I saw it on Dr. Oz, so thought that I would give it a try. I just started taking it on Sunday, so I am sure it hasn't even had any effect on my losses so far.  But, at the end of March when I measure again, we shall see if it has made a big difference or not. I will keep doing my WW and Zumba and hiking and hopefully this weight will start melting off....boy, wouldn't that be nice??

96 Days!


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